Maintenance and Repairs cont.

· 1262.3 hours SMOH
Zero engine hours since last annual on 12/1/2017

· Prop:  Overhaul at tac 3435
Eddy current inspection at tac 3605

· Replaced voltage regulator with solid state Zeftronics m/n G1500N.  Replaced generator cooling hose to front cowling. 

· New vertical compass

· New vacuum pump

· New altitude encoder   ACK A30

· All logs since new

Corrosion Repair:
Mooney riveted a steel plate to the “Wing Splice”.  Left wing splice collected organic matter that initiated corrosion.  Spar cap corrosion repair in left wing 10/10/2016 with 337 form.   Cleaned and primed splices in both wings.


Interior upholstery:  Carpets, cushions, headliner, and baggage compartment 2008.

Mooney logos on head rests.